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Welcome to My Homepage

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Hooman Mohajeri Moghaddam, second year PhD student at the Princeton University working with Nick Feamster and Prateek Mittal. Previously I was at Waterloo, where I was advised by Ian Goldberg. I was also a member of Cryptography Security and Privacy Lab.

Fields of interest:
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (Anonymity Networks)
  • Network Security
  • Network and Distributed Systems
  • Cryptographic Protocols

***NEWS*** Ibis Android UI: I recently wrote an very simple Androidi port + UI for Ibis.

Ibis is Mix network that runs over Twitter and allows meesages of 140 ASCII characters with 47 bytes of overhead.)

***Coming Soon*** Code-Talker-Tunnel: Code-Talker-Tunnel is being revamped to run with a WebRTC compliant service.

***NEWS*** Our project SkypeMorph was featured on ArsTechnica, Wall Street Journal Blog and Security Expert Bruce Schneier's Blog.
Make sure to take a look at our SkypeMorph git repository, our research paper at CCS 2012 and our extended technical report.

***NEWS*** Our AI-Based AI-Based Clinical Decision Support System paper appeared in International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine

Previously I worked on a joint project with Dependable Systems Laboratory of the computer engineering department. The project mainly involves design of a tool for analysis of fault-tolerant Systems. You can learn about it here: FSM Design Page

You can learn more about my current and previous activities on Activities pageand more about my teaching classes on Teaching page.

Take a moment to look at my CV Adobe PDF Format (contains hyperlinks, open with appropriate viewer) Further question, please feel free to contact me.